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At The Place 2 Pay Marketplace, we aim to be a leading global link for consumers & business and to serve all size customers with the most trusted Brands of Payments. 

Since our inception, our main focus has been to create and to provide tools that can improve the supply chain and create a marketplace where every customer and business can easily and securely connect their preferred payment platforms and have one place to visit and manage all their payment transactions when is time to pay and to get paid.

Our goal is to help people, and business connects with trusted payment platforms, to delight all our customers and business members, and to offer transparency on our transactions, to have integrity and to ensure that both "consumers and business" leave our digital marketplace with a better feeling than when they first visited us. Offering this daily, Our success can be massive. The Place Two Pay Online Personal & Bussines eWallet

e-Wallet: What is Electronic Wallet? E-wallet, A digital wallet refers to an electronic device or an online service that allows an individual to make electronic transactions. This can include purchasing items online with a computer or using a smartphone to purchase something at a store.

E-wallet is completely dynamic, very simple yet; strong web platform for transacting payments with friends, family and to pay your everyday things. eWallet is an online payment gateway system by eBilling

e-Billing: What is Electronic Billing? E-billing, short for electronic billing, is simply the process of creating invoices and submitting them online. E-billing is not only the generation of e-bills "invoices" but also the system that allows these bills to be paid electronically.

E-Billing is completely dynamic, very simple yet; strong web platform for processing invoices, transacting payments with customers & vendors, and to pay  and get paid online. E-Billing is an online payment gateway system by